Meet Our Contributors

Hello! I’m Piper, and I’m a third-year student at Wayne State University studying creative writing and composition and rhetoric. I’m really happy to be a part of the English program here at Wayne State, as I believe studying rhetoric in a city as diverse and exciting as Detroit really helps shape your way of thinking. I enjoy writing a lot, and I’m excited to see where my writing career takes me, especially in how it will help me to understand other groups that I am not a part of, and how I can accurately and informatively depict those that are different than me. I hope you enjoy the website and the writings we’ve put together!

Hey! My name is Blake, and this is my fourth year attending Wayne State University with an English Honors major and a minor in Political Science. The English program at Wayne State has genuinely changed the way I see the world. Post-Structuralism is everything – it’s pretty magical. 20170223_204447.2I am a podcaster, musician, writer, and political junkie and person with semi-visible disabilities. These have had varying levels of impact on my life and I’ve come to better understand myself and others through understanding my disabilities. I have also begun to better appreciate the ways in which disability is widely perceived, culturally constructed, and physically embodied through my own (and others’) experiences living with different disabilities. By viewing disability as a spectrum, I have come to see the practically infinite ways of being which people can embody, and the powerful and creative ways in which disability destabilizes ableist notions of a “right” or “normal” way of being. Through inclusion within media, and broader social recognition and discussion, the cultural stigmas so often applied to people with disabilities will, hopefully, begin to be eliminated. It’s my hope that our collaborative project not function simply as a one-sided source of information, but rather, a community which fosters numerous ideas from multiple perspectives.

Hi! I’m John. I’m in my fifth year of study at Wayne State University and will be graduating this spring (yay!) with a Bachelor of Music Honors and a Minor in English. John ProfileI’m a composer, musician, and writer. I like making spaces to talk deeply about life—in art and film and literature—and how we think about, talk with, and include the people around us in our conversations. I’m interested in dialoguing about disability because, like most of us, I encounter differently abled people everyday, in my life, in my family, and in my community. I am especially interested in the structure of our conversations: the language we use and the stereotypes and prejudices that affect how we talk and think about (dis)ability before the conversation even begins. When I’m not writing, I’m usually making music or reading or watching Downton Abbey. Yep. I’m one of those nerds. Anyhow, that’s about the sum of things. I hope you enjoy the site.

Hiya, I’m Alex! I’m wrapping up my third year as a Wayne State student and am thoroughly excited about my English major. Though academia takes up the vast majority of my time, every free second I can get I play video games. I’m the kind of person that IMG_1823wants to write nonstop about the things she likes, so look for the bulk of my posts to be in the video game section! I’m a poet and playwright as well, and have even written on the topic of disability many times, both in reference to myself and also about the wider world in general, though this isn’t the time or the place to be discussing my own work. When asked what I most wanted to help make a website on, I practically begged for this topic. It’s one so vital to our world and yet so shockingly underrepresented and when represented, to appear only as villainous, as comic relief, or as subservient. But that’s why we’re here, to call attention to these things, as well as to point out the shining stars that can give us hope for a better tomorrow. That’s what I hope to accomplish at any rate. To call attention to the bad, the good, and the somewhere in between. Who knows, maybe one day our research will inspire some new, more educated work of art.