The Heroes of Overwatch

In 2016 Blizzard Entertainment released their smash hit Overwatch which, though it has been out less than a year, has already taken the gaming community by storm, selling over 25 million copies (Blizzard Entertainment, 2016). The playable characters in Overwatch are called heroes and rightly so, these are the characters the player places their faith … More The Heroes of Overwatch

Character Study: Eddie Dombrowski (Silent Hill 2)

  Eddie is, by today’s standards, a very classic and familiar “psycho” character. Eddie is introduced as a bit of a coward, but a dopey sweet one, running away from danger, even when a little girl is in trouble, and throwing up at the scene of a murder, however, as the story progresses Eddie admits … More Character Study: Eddie Dombrowski (Silent Hill 2)

Character Study: Angela Orosco (Silent Hill 2)

Angela, the very first character James (the playable character) encounters, has a very hard to follow way of speaking, often apologizes for this, and is incredibly nervous in every scene she is in. Though she is an adult, she acts extremely childish, telling James that she’s in Silent Hill to look for her “mama” and … More Character Study: Angela Orosco (Silent Hill 2)