Stuff Mom Never Told You: Disabled Sexuality

The podcast, Stuff Mom Never Told You, is one of the most comprehensive podcasts on intersectional feminist and gender/sexuality studies available. In the episode entitled, Disabled Sexuality, hosts Cristen and Caroline explore the varied difficulties and barriers which people who have disabilities face in expressing or being sexual. The concept does not seem very hard … More Stuff Mom Never Told You: Disabled Sexuality

Portrayal of Cognitive Disabilities in Film

Hollywood seems to have had a challenge with finding the balance between accuracy and entertainment when trying to portray cognitive and mental disabilities in film and media. In some cases, the lovable goofy main character is a savant, succeeding at nearly everything they try their hand at while also having some unspecified developmental disability that … More Portrayal of Cognitive Disabilities in Film

The Heroes of Overwatch

In 2016 Blizzard Entertainment released their smash hit Overwatch which, though it has been out less than a year, has already taken the gaming community by storm, selling over 25 million copies (Blizzard Entertainment, 2016). The playable characters in Overwatch are called heroes and rightly so, these are the characters the player places their faith … More The Heroes of Overwatch

Disability Images in FX’s “Archer”

In this frame, the character of Ray Gillette, featured in the FX series, Archer, appears in a convergence of seemingly discordant images. His disheveled visage, seated in a wheelchair in an advanced state of undress, produces an absurd and disconcerting contrast when considering the formality of the baroque setting. It’s important to take in the surroundings of the … More Disability Images in FX’s “Archer”

The X-Files: Home and Disability

The X-Files, just confirmed for its eleventh season this summer, is thought of as being virtually synonymous with the unsolved, unknown, and misunderstood. Many of the paranormal entities and cryptozoological creatures featured on the show are employed as metaphors to explore larger societal issues. The show has its own designation for one-off, self-contained mini-narratives – … More The X-Files: Home and Disability