The Heroes of Borderlands

Borderlands 2 is absolutely filled to the brim with disabled hero characters.

Of the six playable characters within the series, two of them are disabled, one possessing a prosthetic arm, the other a psycho, but now placed in the hero role. Gaige, a genius high school student on the run, is one of the two DLC (downloadable content) characters in Borderlands 2 and is also missing an arm. Not only did she build her own prosthetic arm, she also uses it to summon her robot Death Trap. Giage not only is powerful and brilliant, she is also fun to play, making her an incredible addition to the heroes of this series.borderlands 2

The second DLC hero is a man named Krieg, who bears the same class type as the famous general enemy of the series. Krieg is a Psycho, huge and hulking, screaming voice lines just as strange as his enemy counterparts. Nevertheless, he is still a hero, powerful and exciting to play.

A Few Choice Krieg Quotes:

  • “Pitiful people prepare, plead plentifully plentiful platitude phenomenal patriot pounds, poundingly perverse puppets pulping, pleasantly, putrid pasties.”
  • “I’m losing blood…gimme yours!”
  • “I looked into the heart of darkness and I ate it all!”

borderlands 4

The concept of on-third of the hero cast being disabled is revolutionary in and of itself, but it does not stop there, Borderlands 2 also has many different disabled non-playable characters (Gearbox, 2012). The very first human character the player meets in this game is a dashing, sophisticated, academic, explorer named Sir Hammerlock, who is not only a wildlife expert, but is also an engineer. He also happens to be missed both an arm and a leg, both replaced with prosthetics.

borderlands 3

Later, the player meets a character named Patrica Tannis who is paranoid and anti-social to the point of vomiting when strangers say hello to her. Despite this, Tannis is portrayed as brilliant and vital to the success of the hero’s mission.

borderlands 6

The player also encounters a child named Tiny Tina who, despite having all the qualities of being classically crazy, and even wearing a psycho mask on the side of her head like a hair ornament, is treated by the game as a sweet, brilliant, tough little girl, and is never looked down upon or made into an enemy.

borderlands 5

The game is wholly accepting of these characters and neither pities them nor demonizes them (Gearbox, 2012).


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